The FD Style Collection is a collection of stainless steel kitchen utensils with a minimalist black matte finish. Designed by architect Hagino Mitsunobu, these sleek tools are pared down to their essential elements, embracing the metalworking specialty of the Niigata region. 

 The FD Style Peelers.

The FD Style Peelers.


As a designer, architect Hagino Mitsunobu produces every piece of the FD Style collection as if he were sketching a building: geometrically-inspired shapes, practical functionality for the kitchen, and a slick matte finish fit for a professional, all supported by in straight, strong lines for endurance. 

 Mitsunobu designed this range with the home chef in mind: produced in stainless steel with a matte fluorocarbon polymer, these tools are both elegant and functional. Their pared-down design draws attention to their essential elements, following a philosophy of simplicity,  refinement and purpose. 

To clean, hand wash only with non-abrasive materials.