Character Studies: A 2017 Gift Guide


Finding the perfect gift requires a careful study of its recipient. Are they on the market for a new bag? Do they like to travel? What do their bookshelves say about them? If life was a novel, what character would they be? These questions inspired our 2017 gift guide: the subtle art of choosing gifts as personal and special as the people receiving them. Whether you’re shopping for a Collector or  a Minimalist, you’re sure to find something special when you know what makes them tick. Here are some of our suggestions for everyone on your list. 

Loves: Period dramas about English aristocrats, Christmas villages, anything handmade.

Wants: Something nobody else will have.

Gets: The cult-favorite Higonokami pocket knife, a limited-edition No. for Rikumo matcha bowl, a Keiichi Tanaka vase.

Loves: Practicing knife skills, testing scrambled egg recipes, anything sous vide.

Wants: Stylish, functional tools to use in and out of the kitchen.

Gets: Sori Yanagi cookware, a genuine Japanese ohitsu, a tea mill to make their own matcha.

Loves: Float tanks, masking, alone time.

Wants: Peace and relaxation in the holiday rush.

Gets: Hinoki bath salts, Binchotan charcoal skincare, Japanese bath robe.

Loves: F. Scott Fitzgerald, fireside chats, playing matchmaker.

Wants: Anything that makes their next gathering even better.

Gets: Sashiko embroidered coasters, tea gift set, brass trivet. 

Loves: Straight lines, neutral tones, and clean surfaces.

Wants: Something simple, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Gets: Chikuno cube charcoal air purifier, Japanese room shoes, Sasawashi T-Shirt. 

Loves: Day trips, ball pit birthday parties, public radio.

Wants: Creative, natural toys and babywear that’s perfect for swaddling.

Gets: Bilingual games, mini plushies, My First Shoes DYI shoe kit. 

Loves: Leather armchairs, bullet journaling, the New York Times crossword.

Wants: Hard-to-find Japanese stationery.

Gets: Brass stationery trays, Kunisawa notebooks, CDT calligraphy pens

Loves: In-flight WiFi, long walks, the word “flâneur”

Wants: Something lightweight, multi-functional, and portable.

Gets: Binchotan charcoal eye mask, a roomy weekender, a moisturizing travel-sized shave gel. 

Loves: Talking about the weather.

Wants: Something thoughtful and charming for under $50

Gets: Affordable crowd pleasers. 

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