Made from a blend of washi (Japanese paper) and fibers from the Kumazasa plant, Sasawashi is a soft, pill-free fabric with twice the absorbency of cotton. The Kumazasa plant is known for its natural anti-allergen, anti-bacterial and deodorant properties, which keep feet dry and odor-free. Together, they create a fabric that is both lightweight and incredibly absorbent, for goods that will last a lifetime.


The process of making Sasawashi is rooted in traditional Japanese washi papermaking. It is produced in a similar way to that of ordinary paper, except that it uses fewer chemicals. During this process, flakes of Kumazasa are blended into the paper. Afterwards, the paper sheets are cut into slits and twisted into yarn. Finally, the newly twisted yarn is woven by machine into Sasawashi fabric. 

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Dry and comfortable washi fabric absorbs twice as much water as cotton, allowing moisture to naturally escape your skin. 

Many Sasawashi products are enriched with extract of Kumazaza. A variety of bamboo that grows in the highlands of Japan, kumazasa is known for its natural anti-allergen, antibacterial and deodorant properties.

Derived from natural resources, Sasawashi fabric is as gentle with your it is efficient. The nature of the fabric also makes it easily washable. 



The Sasawashi Company was born from founder Dr. Toru Itoi's frustration with the ephemeral and wasteful nature of the fashion industry. An expert textile designer himself, Dr. Itoi soon became interested in developing a timelessly appealing fabric that would also withstand wear and tear. A friend then brought over a sample of  washi fibers, a surprisingly sturdy and premium thread that promised to absorb twice as much water as cotton. That night, Dr. Itoi took the samples home and spent the evening marking them in pen, boiling and washing the fabric repeatedly for hours.

After finding no visible stains or shrinkage in the fabric, it was clear he had found something special. The Sasawashi company has been a family business ever since, partnering Dr. Itoi with his son Toshinori Itoi to create a line of lifetime accessories. From room shoes to scrub towels, every piece in the Sasawashi collection stays true to its founding principles: comfort, longevity, and tactile appeal.

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