For stationery aficionados, there is no place quite like Japan. There are few other places where you're likely to find common office supplies crafted with the precision of a  master architect.

 Craft Design Technology sets the standard- as one of Japan's leading stationery brands, it  marries modern design with the Japanese heritage of traditional craft and technology innovation. Its signature office goods, already a cult favorite among design aficionados,  lend a refined elegance to the tradition, innovation, and simplicity of everyday office supplies. CDT was launched to create productive spaces through consciously crafted everyday goods. Its founding philosophy sees the workplace as a space for creative innovation, with the idea that using the best utensils can often lead to the best ideas. 


CDT selects traditional Japanese colors for each of its items. Daily use items such as pencils are rendered in a signature light green, reminiscent of a bud in springtime, to encourage the tireless flow of new ideas. For more classic items, like the CDT Brush Pen, a refined dark green draws out the refined timelessness of traditional calligraphy.  

The inspiration for CDT's original graphic pattern comes from the sanada-himo, sturdy braided rope stitches characteristic of the Edo period. These ropes were used to hold swords and fasten kimonos in ancient times. That particular knot is still used today to tie and carry wooden boxes holding tea ceremony equipment. 

Angles are a key element of CDT's design. Each item is inspired by the golden ratio found in natural objects (the perfect geometric relationship that stems from life itself), or the silver ratio of beautifully designed artifacts (the irrational perfection of human design). The angles of each utensil are also designed to sit comfortably in either your right or left hands. 


CDT's founding philosophy centers on the belief that change starts small. Consider the everyday office: at its core, an office is just a space that houses a collection of desks, which in turn house a collection of office supplies. We often overlook the importance of these everyday tools, settling for the pen closest to us or the notebook with the most amount of free pages. CDT's innovative designs remind us that it is the overlooked tools that help us finish the projects our minds dream up. Those same supplies, when crafted correctly, can add incredible joy and productivity to our work.

We may not always be able to effect change all at once, but when we start small and place importance on the little details, we become more capable of conquering bigger challenges. When we change the way we focus, we change the way we work. In this way, CDT aims to bolster that focus, and find the spaces, no matter how small, where we can improve.