Block Party: Block Printing With Carla Weeks

Sat, October 13, 2018
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

Design and print your own furoshiki with Carla Weeks! Join us at the Rikumo Concept Store for a special DesignPhiladelphia crash course in the art of block printing designs onto fabric. Led by Philadelphia artist Carla Weeks, students will learn about the history and significance of block printing before trying their hand at printing their own designs. You'll leave with a working knowledge of block printing and functional furoshiki to use and reuse for years to come.

The lecture portion is free and open for the public to attend, but only 16 paid participants will receive hands-on instruction. Snacks and refreshments will be served.

About Carla Weeks: Carla is a British born artist and designer living in Philadelphia, PA. Using pattern as a vehicle to articulate memory, Carla's paintings, textiles, and murals are visual recordings informed by her interactions with both natural landscapes and the built environment. Distilling the color and form experienced in specific geographic locations, Carla aims to create 2-dimensional patterns that communicate a resonating sense of place.

Lecture free; Workshop $60


About Our Workshops

In addition to purveying beautifully designed wares, Rikumo is dedicated to cultural enrichment and collaboration within our community. Led by our knowledgeable staff and talented experts, we host regular workshops that support the creative spirit of Philadelphia. From artist lectures to green tea tastings, our workshops encourage you to discover a world of modern craftsmanship, straight from the makers who surround us. 

Interested in hosting an event at our concept store? Email us at info@rikumo.com for rates and private event options. 


Living Tea: Kombucha Brewing Crash Course with Inspired Brews

Sun, October 21, 2018
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

Have you been curious about kombucha? On Sunday, October 21st, Jessa from Inspired Brews will be bringing her expertise to the Rikumo Concept Store for a very special crash course on all things kombucha. Students will learn about the history of kombucha, the ingredients and equipment used in its brewing, and leave with a bottle of kombucha to enjoy and everything needed to start the process at home, including a SCOBY (don't know what that is? RSVP today!).

We will be using our in-house Morihata brand tea as the base. A Rikumo first!

About Inspired Brews
Inspired Brews is a locally-sourced, seasonally-inspired, premium, small batch Kombucha company right in the heart of Philadelphia. The goal at Inspired Brews is to work within communities to develop more thoughtful, engaged approaches to growing, buying, cooking, and ultimately enjoying local food.

About kombucha
Kombucha is an age-old elixir with new potential as a handcrafted gourmet beverage. An ancient fermented tea, kombucha has been shared among families, friends, and communities for thousands of years. As a probiotic, high-enzyme beverage, kombucha has been credited with everything from improving liver health and metabolism to preventing hangovers, slowing hair loss, and curing cancer. Whatever the health effects—at the least, kombucha is significantly lower in sugar than the soda alternative and is chock full of probiotics and B vitamins—many devotees find that they enjoy a lift and improved energy from regular consumption.



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