Afternoon Tea: Japanese Sencha Tea

The Rikumo office is full of tea enthusiasts so an afternoon tea break is quite common around here. We’ll be sharing our favorite teas with you once a week, starting with Sencha.  

With its bright chartreuse color, fresh flavor and smooth finish, it’s not hard to see why this loose leaf green tea is the most popular tea in Japan. For a truly refreshing cup, be sure to let the water cool down before you steep the tea. Hot temperatures (above 80°C or 176°F) can result in overly bitter green tea.

Green Tea Recipe:

1) Heat fresh, cold water till it’s just short of boiling. Let this water cool down for 1-2 minutes.

2) Add 2 tablespoons of tea leaves to your tea pot. Add the hot water and steep for 1 minute.

We love the fine mesh on this stainless steel strainer.

3) Pour tea through a strainer into your cup. Enjoy!