Yuka's Travel Diary

Galerie Kirsch, Tokyo, Japan.

Throughout the year, Yuka Morihata travels to Japan to personally select items to sell in the store, visit with vendors and enjoy Japanese culture in person. Yuka founded Rikumo.com with her husband, Kaz Morihata, in 2009. Born in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, they both came to the United States and met as students while attending the Rhode Island School of Design. After working in interior design and architecture for many years in New York, Tokyo and Milan, Kaz and Yuka settled in Philadelphia and started their business based on their love of design and the Japanese aesthetic. Below is a behind the scenes peek from Yuka’s recent trip to Japan.

"Today I visited Yoko Yano's solo exhibit at GALERIE KIRSCH. After driving for about a half hour outside of Tokyo, I came upon a quiet suburban neighborhood. The gallery is right beside an old lumber store, which is also owned by the same family.

I was impressed with how thoughtfully designed the gallery’s interior is. The windows are as low as the display cases to create ambient indirect light throughout. With soft, natural light streaming through the windows, warm ivory walls, natural wood floor and wood framing each window, the space has a very welcoming atmosphere.


This exhibit was filled with exciting new designs, I’m excited to bring them back soon!"