Catswall: Japanese comfort food and Brooklyn's best backyard

If you're yearning for a break from the bustle of Brooklyn or simply seeking out a breezy summertime spot, we recommend Catswall in Brooklyn. We recently stopped in for Sunday brunch and were delighted by their secluded patio and delicious Japanese pub food. From the exterior, Catswall appears to be a quintessential Williamsburg cafe; large front windows provide plenty of natural light and opportunities to people watch. Walk past the understated wood paneled bar and you’ll find yourself in a backyard of wooden tables shaded by bamboo foliage and a canopy of trees.

Catswall's interior is cozy and minimal with warm wood paneling. 

Donburi: Beef Curry with shredded cabbage and pickled radish.

Sushi is conspicuously missing from the menu. Instead, Catswall serves Japanese comfort food and plenty of quality finger foods (like edameme, olives and watercress). More exotic food options such as beni chicken, kimchee, and hijiki seaweed are paired with classic American fare such as chunky sweet potato fries and coleslaw.  Our favorite dish was the beef curry donburi (Japanese rice bowl). Unlike Indian curry, Japanese curry is sweet and savory. This dish includes slowly cooked chunks of beef over a bed of rice, shredded cabbage and pickled radish.

Catswall's bar.

Catswall is located at 305 Bedford Ave. in Brooklyn, New York. For more information, please see their website and instagram.

Teriyaki chicken sandwich  

Words and photos by: Elliot Walters