Brass Cosmos

Inspired by the recent Supermoon, we've had celestial references on our mind. With a soft gold hue, subtle texture and luminous finish, these celestial-inspired brass creations are the perfect addition to an autumn table. Designer Masanori Oji collaborated with Futagami, one of Japan's oldest metal manufacturers, on creating this series of brassware home accessories. Similar to our shifting skies, brass is a material that changes over time.

With time and use, the brass oxidizes into a unique patina. Brassware has been used in Japanese homes and temples for generations. Despite the relatively far distance from Japan's two major cultural centers of Kyoto and Tokyo, rural Takaoka has been home to Futagami since 1897. Their brassware owes its natural texture to a process known as green sand casting. After making a sand mold from the original metal mold, melted brass is poured into the sand mold and the brass surface is carefully finished with paper and files so as not to destroy the naturally made texture.

Morihata Admin