Rainbow Subscription : The Felissimo 500

A perfect gift for the creative people in your life.

Here at Rikumo, we have a soft spot for any desk accessory that reminds us of our art school days. So when we came across the Felissimo colored pencil subscription, we had to have it. This Japanese brand is known for their pencil subscription service, which delivers 500 colored pencils (or crayons) through 25 piece installments over 20 months. Imagine starting each month with a new set of pencils, each with a different color story. Give these as a holiday gift, keep for yourself, or display as eye candy in your workplace.

Each month features a new, 25 piece color theme. 

Every shade has an exciting name, some of our favorites include Orange Popsicle, Cinnamon Spice, Brandy, Georgia Peach, Baby Face, Marmalade, Persimmon, Golden Citrus, and Crenshaw.

Morihata AdminArt + Design