Workshop no. 13: Mashiko Ware Masters

Mashiko Ware

On March 11, 2017, we were honored to present our first ever gallery exhibition in our event space. To mark the occasion, we held an opening party with a crowd of some of Philadelphia's finest ceramic art fans. 

The exhibit, titled "Mashiko Ware Masters", is on display until April 8th, and is a rare chance to see and hold pieces made by modern day artisans that are carrying on the rich tradition of ceramic-making in Mashiko, Japan. Over 20 different artisans are featured, and more than 100 pieces are on display and for sale.

About Mashiko
Mashiko is a town located roughly 100km north of Tokyo, in the Tochigi Prefecture. With access to exceptionally strong clay, Mashiko has been home to a ceramic community that dates back to the Jomon period. Two annual pottery festivals draw thousands of people to Mashiko every year. 

Mashikoware, as we know it today, is closely tied to Mingei, a Japanese folk art movement that was pioneered by Yanagi Soetsu and Shoji Hamada (a man that was regarded as a living national treasure, and essentially put Mashiko on the map). The Mingei movement was formed in response to diminishing interest in traditional Japanese arts in modern Japan. Mingei celebrates the beauty in utilitarian objects that are designed for the common man.

Below are some shots of the exhibition and opening party. Be sure to visit before April 8th for your chance to bring home one of these unique pieces before they depart for Mashiko.

Mashiko ware