Story Time: The Adventures of our T-Lab Friends


Sharon the Shiba, Perry the Porcupine, Cassius the Capybara… our T-Lab friends are always on the lookout for a great adventure. We’ve compiled all our favorite stories so you can join in the action.

Penny the Penguin and Barton the Brachiosaurus Go Above and Beyond the Expected


A natural entertainer, Penny the Penguin spends her evenings entertaining an icy pool of seal pups with her spectacular flip-filled iceberg dive show. Slipping and sliding, she would clamber with great speed to reach the top of the highest iceberg in town before performing her death-defying flips, but today something was off.

“The iceberg is all melty, and I just can’t muster my flipper grip,” Penny sighed as the pups started to become restless.

Exhausted and about to give up, she heard a slow and low crunch over the surrounding ice, she looked up, up, up and at the top of a very, very long neck a distant “HELLO,” boomed out. “I’M BARTON THE BRACHIOSAURUS, WHAT SEEMS TO BE THE MATTER?”

“What are you doing up here? I’m Penny, and all I want to do is show those seals my spectacular flips, but I’ve lost all my flipper gripping power”.


Penny nervously boarded Barton’s broad back and looked up at his warm and reassuring smile. She gasped, “Barton, I’ve never been up this high!”, to which Barton replied, “JUST WAIT UNTIL I STAND ON MY TIPPY TOES!”

Penny climbed all the way to Barton’s head and could see for miles around. She gave Barton a great big kiss to cheers from the crowd below. Drawing a deep and icy breath, she sprung from Barton’s head and soared through the sky with extra pizazz.

The seals were thoroughly entertained once again. What a great pair!

Pascual the Panda Finds Love In All The Wrong Places


This is Pascual the Panda. Despite the best efforts of all of his friends, he is spending another Singles Day alone. "Have you asked my friend Renee the Red Panda?," chimed Giovanni the Giraffe with his head in the clouds. "I did. We just didn't see eye to eye." sighed Pascual. "Did you try making her your famous bamboo souffle?" Bernard the Bunny inquired. "Yes. She didn't like it." Pascual replied, deflated. "It's not all bad. With all of my free time I've finally taken up knitting!" Pascual presented two handsome sweaters from his knapsack and handed them to Giovanni and Bernard. "Plus I made some extra souffle!" With full bellies, the three friends pulled out their knitting needles and knit the day away.

Cassius the Capybara Goes to a Party


Due to budget cuts in the animal kingdom, today's World Wildlife Day party is being held at the local 'Y'. After a bit of coaxing, Cassius the Capybara begrudgingly left his swamp and set off for the party. After getting lost in a bog, he heard someone shout "DUCK!" and he instinctively buried his nose into the mud, not knowing that that's just how Dorothy the Duck likes to announce her presence.
"Why the longer-than-usual face, Cassius?" inquired Dorothy. "I hate parties," Cassius snorted. "Everybody teases me for being the largest rodent in the world." "Don't get so down on yourself! Your Wikipedia page says you can run as fast as a horse and can hold your breath for up to five minutes!" Dorothy quacked, staring at her new smartwatch around her ankle. "Gee, thanks Dorothy, I really needed that. Hey, you wouldn't happen to have GPS on that thing, would you?" Cassius said optimistically. "Yep, and I haven't hit my step goal yet. Can we walk together?" Dorothy mumbled, still staring at her smartwatch.
"I'd love that," replied Cassius, and they marched off to dance the night away.

Scotty the Sloth and Henry the Hippo Learn Teamwork


This is Scotty the Sloth and Henry the Hippo. Even though they look like they wouldn't get along, they've been best friends since the day that Scotty spotted Henry sitting sadly under an apple tree.
"Are you a dinosaur?" said Scotty, dangling from the apple tree branch closest to him. "No," sighed Henry, "I'm a hippo"
Scotty fought the urge to take a nap and asked him what he was doing there. "I'm hungry," said Henry sadly, "Apples are my favorite treat. But I'm too short to reach them." "Well, that's easy," said Scotty, and began shaking the branches. A dozen apples fell in front of Henry, who cheered so loudly that the ground shook and made Scotty lose his balance. 
He fell back and landed safely on Henry's back- which quickly became his favorite napping spot. They've been thick as thieves ever since. We caught the pair celebrating International Friendship Day the way they spend most of their days- with Scotty taking a nap on Henry's back while Henry goes in search of apples. Here's to unlikely friends and supportive pals- may you all enjoy today as much as these buddies did!

Perry the Porcupine Becomes a Balloon Man


This is Perry the Porcupine. Even though he's a porcupine, it has always been his life's dream to be a balloon man. To make the balloons, Perry jumps on an air pump over and over until each balloon is filled up. With the help of Giovanni, his giraffe friend, he ties a few balloons to his spikes until he begins to float. Then, he flies to the giraffe neighborhood, where he sells his balloons throughout the day. As the tallest giraffes buy his balloons, Perry's body gets lower and lower, until at the end of the day he's back on the ground, flightless but satisfied.

Giovanni the Giraffe Picks Up Badminton


This is Giovanni the Giraffe. Every day after school his giraffe friends would get together and play basketball outside. Even though he was very tall, Giovanni's aim wasn't very good, and he would knock into his friends so often that he spent more time on the bench than on the court. One day, Giovanni was on his way to the gym when he ran into a group of penguins who were walking in the same direction. "What's that?" he asked them, pointing with his head at the long sports bag one penguin was carrying. "It's a racket," said the penguin, "We're going to play badminton "What's that?" asked Giovanni. The penguin shrugged. "It's like tennis, but with a taller net." Giovanni thought about it. "Can I come?" he asked. The penguins all nodded and shuffled forward together with Giovanni into the court

Standing at almost three times as tall as his teammates, Giovanni soon found out that he could swat the birdie down directly into the ground. By the end of the game he had scored 50 points for his team and a new group of penguin friends, who all surrounded him and cheered. That night, Giovanni went home with a trophy, a smile, and a new favorite sport.

Bernard the Bunny Takes a Nap


This is Bernard the bunny. He is one of 38 brothers and sisters. Even though his siblings are always running races, Bernard prefers to nap whenever he can. His favorite spot is a cozy patch of moss right behind their house. Sometimes his brother Gerald tries to get him to go running with them, but Bernard always falls asleep. When this happens, Gerald helps him onto a little cart and rolls him along, running faster to catch up with the others.

Carmen the Camel Walks to Peru


This is Carmen the Camel. She loves traveling, and has spent every summer in a new country. Today she’s going to Machu Pichu in Peru. She doesn’t like airplane food, so she's going to walk there. Thankfully she doesn't get thirsty very often. When she sets off, she always takes her blanket with her on the road. You never know when or where you’ll need to take a nap.

Roger the Raccoon of the Opera


This is Roger the Raccoon. Although he can't play an instrument, he loves music and especially loves to sing opera. His favorite singer is Pavarotti, and he lives next to a man who plays many of his records. Roger considers himself a great opera singer too, so he practices along with the recording every night underneath the man's window. Sometimes the man yells out things that Roger can't understand, since he doesn't speak English. He assumes the man is a fan, though, and blows him a kiss before running off. Roger is always incognito to his fans, because he is always wearing a mask behind his whiskers. When you're an opera star, it's very important to keep an air of mystery.

Carlos the Cat Loves Tapas


This is Carlos the cat. Carlos is Spanish and loves tapas, especially when they're followed by churros. He can eat ten tapas in one sitting- except he pronounces them like "tapaz." He's got an accent with a slight lisp, and sometimes his fellow cats make fun of him. But Carlos doesn't care, because he always gets 100's on his Spanish tests.

Sharon the Shiba is Stylish


This is Sharon the Shiba. Sharon is very stylish, and wears a different bandana every day. Her current bandana is black, because it’s slimming and very French. Even though she’s very clean, baths and haircuts stress her out, so she avoids puddles as much as possible. Even though some dogs think she's a drama queen, Sharon is tough. She loves to go for runs in the park, and is always on the hunt- for a good deal.

Lucille the Seal Goes Out to Sea


This is Lucille the Seal. Lucille loves to nap, so every day she folds her fins into her whiskers for a couple hours and drifts off in the ocean. Sometimes when she naps, she’ll bump into another napping seal, but they both stay asleep. When she’s not napping, she spends her time eating sushi and having contests with her friend Sheila to see who can hold their breath underwater the longest. Her record is two hours- especially if she’s taking a nap.

Edward the Elephant Goes Bananas


This is Edward the Elephant. His favorite food is banana pie. He's got a great memory, so he does pretty well in school. After a pie lunch, Edward goes for a walk outside, where he sniffs around for more treats. When he finds a banana, he tucks it under his trunk so his mom doesn't find out. When she does, he just recites his latest math test from memory. She usually lets him have it after that.