From Bergamot to Eucalyptus: Basics of Aromatherapy

Problems falling asleep? Stress getting the better of you? Many of us lead hectic, busy lives, and aromatherapy can be a great way to naturally relieve daily tensions.  From refreshing peppermint to petrichor, the earthy smell that accompanies a rainfall, certain smells can evoke particular feelings within us. Using essential oils from natural herbal ingredients, aromatherapy harnesses the power of scent to enhance our well-being. So whether you're feeling jittery or completely burned out, check out some scent combinations that offer relief for common modern ailments. 

Low Spirits: Bergamot + Mandarin
Keep some bergamot on you for days when you’re feeling unmotivated. Known as “the sunshine oil,” bergamot oil is extracted from the rind of the aforementioned orange-like citrus, and has a tangy, lemony scent. Along with zippy mandarin, this combination works as a stimulant to lift your mood and energy levels. Bergamot’s fresh aroma and disinfectant properties also make for an excellent natural deodorant.

Anxiety: Eucalyptus + Lavender
As you cram for your next big exam, be sure to keep some lavender nearby. Studies have shown that lavender aids with memory retention, and can have a calming effect on those suffering from anxiety. The sharp scent of eucalyptus, a tree with antibacterial properties, helps open up airways and relieve congestion. United, these two aromas complement each other to declutter your mind and restart your senses.  

Sleeplessness: Frankincense Thyme
If you’re the type that has a hard time falling asleep, the spicy scent of frankincense can help you get some much-needed shut-eye. Often burned in  religious ceremonies, its natural sedative qualities give the body a feeling of inner peace and relaxation. Combined with sharp thyme, this herbal formula lulls you into a quiet, peaceful calm. Distill with water and spray some on your pillow for the next time you’re feeling restless.      

At its base core, aromatherapy remains a practice centered on the importance of relaxation: the ability to slow down and give your body the time it needs to recharge itself. Though it won't cure any medical ailments, aromatherapy can help you find some peace in the chaos of modern life- and smell great in the process.