Gifts and Wisdom on this Father's Day

Father’s Day gives us a chance to celebrate our fathers and thank them for all they do for us. Different dads do different things: perhaps yours was the first to take you camping, or teach you how to draw your first art project. Perhaps yours is the one who does the cooking in the house, or the shopping, or the listening. With their guidance, we walk forward in life a little wiser, kinder, and comforted by the fact that they themselves walk with us.

Below, find a few ideas for your kind of dad on his special day- and remember to appreciate your fathers, for all their qualities, on this and every other day.  

For the culinary mastermind who fills our bellies not only with food but with joy and laughter. For those who know that a meal is more than just about food: it is about taking the time to savor life, to partake in conversation and exchange experiences.  

For the artist whose imagination inspires us to do better, no matter what. For he who is always thinking, dreaming, creating, inventing, never stopping.  

For the adventurer who encourages us to expand our horizons. For those who seek respite in nature, and teach us to find our place in it.  

For he who knows the best is yet to come.

For when one adjective just isn’t quite enough to describe your dad.