Introducing Rikumo Kid

Just in time for Children's Day, we're excited to that announce Rikumo Kid,  our new children’s objects collection made and designed in Japan, is now available online and our Philadelphia concept store. The line, curated by our founder Yuka Morihata (and mother of 8 year-old Riku, pictured in these images), focuses on pieces that nurture the relentlessly creative spirit of children.

“The inspiration for product selection mostly comes from my childhood memories in Japan; things I grew up with, things I give to my son now,” says Yuka, “I always think it’s important for young children to be exposed to the best quality products at a very young age so they can develop a good eye for design as they grow up.” 

Rikumo Kid is inspired by three kinds of kids we love: 

Though small now, the kids we know and love will one day grow up to be the designers, creatives, and forward-thinkers of the future. From bilingual Japanese-English books to architectural wooden blocks, Rikumo Kid cultivates a passion for creative thought at an early age.  By encouraging design education through play, Rikumo Kid exposes children not just to beautiful design but also to their own creativity. 

Scroll through our photo shoot starring Riku and Yuma below, and shop the whole collection here.