Mark Your Calendars: Fukubukuro Bags Are Back December 26th

Last year, we introduced fukubukuro lucky bags at Rikumo as a send-off to a great 2016.  We were delighted by the enthusiastic response, and so, as an ode to 2017, we are happy to announce that we are bringing fukubukuro back to Rikumo for a limited time.  

Fukubukuro (meaning "lucky bag" with fuku meaning "luck" and bukuro meaning "bag" in this case) is a long-standing holiday tradition in Japanese stores.  In anticipation of the New Year, stores across Japan put out fukubukuro bags filled with a random mix of goods sold at deeply discounted prices. Fukubukuro can contain anything from designer clothes to electronics, sneakers, and computers. Brands all over Japan participate in this Black Friday-like tradition, with thousands of shoppers lining up outside their favorite stores for hours on New Year's Day for a chance to get their hands on special-edition fukubukuro (the Apple Store fukubukuro bag is a particularly coveted prize).

Our limited-edition Rikumo fukubukuro bags contain surprise sets of Rikumo pieces valued from $86 to $521, all for a special holiday price. With each bag containing a unique curated set of Rikumo favorites,  you could walk away with a bag worth over $500. 


Some things you may find inside your 2017 fukubukuro:

- Sets of Japanese towels perfect for updating your bathroom decor.

- Wellness and skincare products for all ages.

- Our favorite Japanese green teas.

- Elegant handmade tableware.

- Office accessories for ticking off New Year's resolutions.

Perfect for the Rikumo fan, fukubukuro make great (already wrapped) gifts for the undecided giver in all of us. But remember- last year's fukubukuro bags came in limited quantities and sold out in a day. So set your calendars for 11am on Tuesday, December 26th at or inside the Rikumo concept store - or keep your eyes on your inbox for a reminder from us if you subscribe to our newsletters.  Then, on Tuesday, take a deep breath and pick a bag - you might just get lucky.