Rikumo Recipe: Spring Sencha Smoothie

Stress-relief, improved brain function, alertness, lower blood pressure... the list of benefits associated with drinking green tea goes on and on. Though there's no hard evidence that green tea cures all ills, there's no denying that the soothing, mellow taste of green tea, or sencha, alone is worth the investment.  To celebrate spring, we bring you a smoothie recipe made in-house with our own powdered sencha.  Rich in antioxidants, powdered sencha gives you the benefits of the whole leaf instead of only the water-soluble parts, and is easily mixed into yogurt, ice cream, or other treats. Crushed with ice in a smoothie, this recipe is an easy, delicious way to get refreshed during these early spring days.


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and sencha is dissolved.
  2. For a thicker smoothie, cut a banana into 1-inch slices and freeze for 30-60 minutes before adding it in to the mixture and bending.  
  3. Enjoy!