Rikumo Picks: Spring Break Essentials

As the days start getting consistently warmer ("consistently" being the key word here), we finish up one fourth of the year. Whether it's school-mandated or personal, a spring break to recharge and restore your spirits always does a wealth of good. Then we can come back, energized and ready to power ahead through the next few months. Here, our favorite spring break essentials for every occasion. 


When the days start to blur together and you've spent too much time going straight from the office to your house, a quick trip and some distance always helps get things into perspective. Whether going abroad to catch the cherry blossoms or taking a weekend road trip in your hometown, traveling is the best way to get your mind off  things. Set off in the right direction with some of our go-to travel essentials.  

  • A charcoal friendly toothbrush that keeps teeth white even when you're using a mini travel toothpaste.  
  • A beach-friendly Breton striped Pablo towel that rolls easily and folds compactly.
  • A comfortable Binchotan Charcoal Eye mask to protect you against a fellow passenger's fluorescent reading light.  
  • Our 3-in-one Binchotan Charcoal shaving gel that requires no shaving cream, no aftershave, and hardly any water. 
  • A nourishing rosehip seed oil to keep skin hydrated in hour-long plane rides. Bonus: it comes in a TSA friendly size.   

Wrap it all up in a Furoshiki bag that fits as nicely in a backpack as it does in your suitcase.   


If going away is just another headache, give your body a break with a spa-themed staycation right at home. Draw up a bath, light a candle, and treat your skin to a nourishing facial mask. Then spend the rest of the night indoors with a good cup of tea and a great book. You'll be surprised at how good your body will feel the next day after a much-needed break.

  • The soothing scent of cypress-like hinoki bath salts, from the Himalayan mountains. (Himalayan salts are known to remove toxins and improve circulation, which means less stress headaches and tight muscles.)
  • A cozy, blanket-like robe to wrap yourself in after the bath.
  • A rejuvenating charcoal mask to clear pores and revitalize your skin. 
  • A soy candle with a naturally calming fragrance. Water, pictured above, is a refreshing, spa-ready combination of cucumber, watercress and mint. 
  • A Shiatsu stick to massage and target specific areas of your body like  your joints, back muscles, and digestive system. 
  • A soothing cup of tea to drink while reading your favorite book (we like the roasted taste of genmaicha).

 Need some tips? Read our post on how to do a stimulating facial massage


Pictured clockwise from right:  Tulip Trowel ,   Wooden Tree Tops ,  Bicycle Bell , Wooden Building Blocks (store exclusive),  Vintage Check Towel ,  Hinoki Body Mist . 

Pictured clockwise from right: Tulip Trowel,  Wooden Tree Tops, Bicycle Bell, Wooden Building Blocks (store exclusive), Vintage Check Towel, Hinoki Body Mist

Sometimes a break is as easy as going outside. When you're off the clock or out of class, take a few hours for a little sunshine and fresh air, shared with friends that make you feel like a kid again. Use these outdoors essentials to play with the little ones in your life, or simply awaken the inner kid in you. 

  • Wooden blocks to build fantastical structures(store exclusive, available online in May).
  • Eco-friendly spinning tree tops that, when spun, stand up on end like dancing trees. 
  • A brass bike bell for sunny bike rides with friends. 
  • A small trowel to begin that gardening project from last year.    
  • A bottle of Hinoki (a kind of Japanese cypress known for reducing stress) body mist outdoors to stay bug-free (it's a natural insect repellent!) and indoors on rainy days to bring a natural atmosphere inside your house. 
  • A slim, checkered towel that doubles as a picnic blanket.