T-lab Story: Roger the Raccoon

Introducing T-LAB Stories, a new series featuring our favorite t-lab animals and their adventures. This week's story comes from Roger, our favorite racoon.    

This is Roger the Raccoon. Although he can't play an instrument, he loves music and especially loves to sing opera. His favorite singer is Pavarotti, and he lives next to a man who plays many of his records. Roger considers himself a great opera singer too, so he practices along with the recording every night underneath the man's window. Sometimes the man yells out things that Roger can't understand, since he doesn't speak English. He assumes the man is a fan, though, and blows him a kiss before running off. Roger is always incognito to his fans, because he is always wearing a mask behind his whiskers. When you're an opera star, it's very important to keep an air of mystery.