Creature Comforts: The 8 Things We Bring On Every Trip

Rikumo Packing Guide

We at Rikumo spend a lot of time thinking about the items that surround us. Each object in our homes is carefully selected to fill a need while maximizing enjoyment. Packing for extended trips always challenges us to prioritize our belongings and bring items that skirt the line between functional and beautiful. Here are a eight of our most-traveled wares.

  1. Bagworks Zippered Carrying Case - Organization is the key to maintaining your sanity while traveling. The Bagworks Zippered Carrying Case is great for organizing similar items so they are easy to find when needed.

  2. Yoshino Hinoki Essential Oil - Everyone who visits our store is immediately greeted by the smell of Hinoki. To us, it’s the smell of home. A few drops of this oil on a foreign hotel pillow is the cure for homesickness.

  3. Binchotan Toothbrush - A kind smile breaks all language barriers, so to ensure our first impressions are well received, we always bring our Binchotan toothbrush.

  4. Sasawashi Socks - Despite countless dollars in R&D, performance wear is often best left on the playing field. Sasawashi fabric is naturally antibacterial and minimizes odor, making it a natural choice for travel socks.

  5. Sasawashi Body Scrub Mitt - Days on the road quickly accumulate on our skin, so we take time to exfoliate with our Sasawashi Body Scrub Mitt.

  6. Handkerchief - If you’ve visited Japan during its hot and humid summer months, you are probably already aware that EVERYBODY carries a handkerchief. Ours is always within arms reach for hot days and inevitable spills.

  7. Gauze Towel - Hotel towels are almost always washed with harsh chemicals and bleach. Our Gauze Towel is deceptively absorbent, folds into a travel ready size, and dries remarkably fast.

  8. Binchotan Eye Mask - Featuring activated Binchotan around the nosepiece, our Binchotan Eye Mask helps us get shut-eye while ensuring our bags are in our hands, not under our eyes.