From Us: The Things We're Thankful For This Year


Here at Rikumo HQ, we look forward to the holidays more than almost any other time of year. Beyond the individual traditions that each of us follow, the holidays are a time when we all come together to reflect, acknowledge our blessings and celebrate the simple act of being together. In honor of Thanksgiving (and the beginning of winter!) we're sharing the things that we're most thankful for this year. 

"I'm grateful that each day moves forward and life presents itself to us in all its complexity. To grow and share all of those moments in between with the people around me, the people I love, is what I cherish most and am most grateful for." - Jenny, Art Director

"I am grateful for creative storytellers. In an era of remakes, reboots and adaptations, the presence of such creative minds is a refreshing change of pace from the status quo." -Chris, Photographer

"I am thankful for my family and friends. More specifically, their sarcastic and often blunt nature that keeps me in check as a human being." -Kacey, Experiential Design Coordinator


"I'm thankful to live and work in a creative community of artists and designers who help make living in this world a more thoughtful and beautiful place." -Lisa, Wholesale Manager

"I'm thankful for the strong support system that surrounds me. I have my friends and family who are on the West Coast, and now I have my newfound friends here on the East Coast." -Rosemary, Assistant Wholesale Manager

"I'm thankful for my continued good health, which keeps me active and productive, as well as my family and friends, who have supported me during the stressful times as well as the happy times over the past year. Lastly I am thankful for my cat, who provides me with endless entertainment and love." -Erica, Assistant Wholesale Manager

"I am thankful for the fact that although my problems can seem colossal at times, I am fortunate enough to be fed, clothed, and surrounded by my loved ones. The holidays always remind me to practice perspective and appreciate my blessings." -Sam, Marketing Communications Director

"I'm grateful for voices of reason in times of turbulence. Also, sticker books." -Magali, Copywriter

"The fun and talented people I work with, this year's long and beautiful fall season, and as always, my dog!" -Mary, Operations Manager

"Life, forgiveness, hope and baby smiles." -Kylan, Administrative Coordinator

"I'm grateful for our great team, our strong potential, customers around the world, and everything I love." -Yuka, CEO

We'll be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but you can still shop with us at  We hope you enjoy your holiday, and come visit us sometime this season.