Japanese Sweets: Gaufres

A classic Gaufre flavor trio: strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.

Kobe Fugetsudo is a Japanese bakery that has been creating beautiful sweets since 1897. Their main branch is located in Kobe, Japan, but lucky for the Rikumo office, Kaz and Yuka (Rikumo's co-founders) brought a few tins back for us to enjoy.

Baked between two metal plates and embossed with the Gaufre logo, these delicate and crispy rice wafers sandwich a light spread of sweet pastry cream. Although gaufre is French for waffles, Fugetsudo’s cookies combines a minimal Japanese sensibility with the rich flavor of French sweets.

Gaufres come in two sizes, the large size is pictured above on our Linen Border towel.

You can order Gaufres online here or if you’re in the north east area, try Mitsuwa in New Jersey.